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BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front):  I don’t ever tell people they NEED to get something, or want to convince someone to make purchases that may not be for them.  However, I have been using Peak Design gear since 2012 and am still wow’d by their products!  In fact, I can’t see myself walking out of the house to shoot without a piece of Peak Design gear on me.  They make durable gear that makes photography easier and once you use it you’ll wonder how you did without it.  They have a selection of products for numerous photography platforms including most camera brands including GoPros.  I’ve bought many pieces of gear from them but I’d like to write about the ones that have mattered to me, that made photography better, and life a little easier.  I use their Everyday Messenger Bag, a fairly major purchase for me, and I’ve already written about that a couple of weeks ago (Everyday Messenger, is the honeymoon over?).  Surprisingly, it is sometimes the little things that work the best over the long haul.  The image above is an example of those “little things” that make life easier.  In the above left photo is an anchor which connects to your camera, on the right is the capture plate which connects to the CapurePRO or your tripod.

I use the anchors to connect to the Peak Design Cuff (above left) & Sling (above right).  If I grab my camera from the bag, at a minimum, I’ve got the Cuff attached for protection against dropping. If I’m going to be out for a while and don’t want to change lenses, I’ll take the Slide which is a great camera strap.  The Anchors allow me to attach these wherever I want!  This allows the the Sling (camera strap) to sit comfortably in the manner YOU like.  I personally like the lens to hang down and not out, because I’m a klutz. As mentioned in my review of the Everyday Messenger, I want bang for my buck and this comes in the form of how much I’ll use the item vs. how much space the item takes in my bag.  The Anchors, Cuff, and Sling are used daily and take up minimal space.

The capture plate, on the bottom on the camera in the above left photo, allows your camera to connect to your tripod as well as Peak Design’s CapturePRO (photo above right).  The CapturePRO can connect to a belt via the ProPad, a backpack shoulder strap, or in my case the Everyday Messenger.  It makes for a sturdy platform to carry your camera, again where YOU want it, and in a safe manner.  That’s the important part, these products are versatile and allow you to set them up to your needs.  The below photos show my camera attached on my tripod at right and my bag using Peak Design products.

These Peak Design products have literally made my photography life much easier.  There is no thinking involved and I no longer have to plan how I’m going to carry my camera. I used to own straps, grips, and tripod plates that didn’t interconnect; for instance, the hand strap had to come off if I wanted to put the camera on a tripod.  Everything works together!  While I do carry other Peak Design items, these are the pieces of gear I use daily and I know how much they help me. Like I said in my BLUF, I’m not one to tell people to make purchases but I’m hopeful that I’ve made the case for how these products have helped me.



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