Tokyo SkyTree

Yesterday we visited the Tokyo SkyTree, the tallest tower in the world and the second tallest structure on Earth at 2,080 feet tall!  It’s actually for sending radio and television signals but has observation decks for tourists.  Shouting out to Mrs. Madrid’s third graders at Ituarte Elementary School in El Paso, Texas! sig


2 thoughts on “Tokyo SkyTree

  1. >2,080 feet tall
    The Skytree’s height is normally given in meters in Japan…because, (besides the fact that Japan uses the metric system), it’s height is 634 meters tall, and “6-3-4” can be pronounced “mu-sa-shi“, which is the old name of the area of Tokyo that the Skytree is in.

    BTW, here is my post with a couple of photos I took of the view from the Tokyo Skytree:


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