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Peak Design is having a 20-40% sale on everything (except tripods) from March 31 – April 6.  Over the years I’ve come to like messenger bags more and more because all my camera gearScreen Shot 2020-03-31 at 13.02.28 is right in front me when I need it.  Peak Design’s Everyday Messenger (at left) is about the best  messenger bag I’ve ever used, period!  If you’re looking for a bag, for photography or anything else, check out PD’s Sling, Tote, TotePack, Backpack, or new Backpack Zip while they’re ON SALE!  When it comes to any of these bags, the one thing I love is the ability to customize.  While there is no perfect bag, these come about as close as I’ve ever come.  As a side note, these bags can be used for more than photography!  PD’s new Travel Tripod launches on April 7th and all profits will be donated to coronavirus relief and climate change!

The other piece of Peak Design gear I’ve used religiously since 2013 is their capture system.  Nothing I’ve used has been with me as long as these.  I’m never fumbling

Screen Shot 2020-03-31 at 13.33.21
Capture & Clip

with tripod plates or any type of strap, ever!  PD’s straps and cuffs are all seamlessly interchangeable by using PD’s tab system to connect everything.  It’s rare when I’m out that someone doesn’t me about my camera hanging off a backpack strap!  Since I’m not very good at explaining, I made the short video below, in real time, to show just how effective these are and exactly how they work.  I’m all for anything that makes photography easier and allows me more time shooting, and that’s exactly what PD equipment does.



Lastly, Peak Design makes quality gear, I’ve using the same Capture to hang my camera on bags since 2013 and it works like the day they arrived!  Don’t miss a great chance to pick up some awesome gear, so please check out this upcoming sale! sig



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