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My Photo at Digital Camera World

          One of my photos is now on Digital Camera World website!  A few months ago I submitted a couple of photos to a Guru Shots photo contest and ended up placing in the top 102 photo in their Striking Shots Competition.  This photo is now on the Digital Camera World website, #43 of 102.  Kind of cool…

          The photo was taken in August of 2016 at the Mount Rushmore National Memorial in South Dakota.  We arrived late in the afternoon and took some shots, checked in to the hotel and grabbed dinner.  After eating, we went back to get some early evening and night shots (that’s when this was taken) and saw their inspiring evening ceremony to retire the flag.  After a good night of sleep, we went back in the morning when it opened and it was practically empty, my girls loved that the best as they could run anywhere they wanted.  This gave a chance to get shots in all different lighting, different clouds, and it makes my photos look like I’ve made several trips!  I’m not sure when, but this is definitely on the list to do again someday!

See the photo at: sig

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