The Covid Lockdown and NOT Shooting

Stock photography has been a very good business for a retired guy, I get to shoot pics when I want and not shoot if I don’t feel like it. Recently, with everyone trying to stay in or close to home here in Japan where I live, I was no different. Instead of heading out to shoot, I took a few months to go through the thousands of photos on my hard drive and see what I had. After sifting through thousands of photos, there were a couple hundred that left me wondering, “why have I never worked on these.” My wife can attest to the fact that when it comes to photography, I’m like a child in that I get tunnel vision and focus on the flavor of the moment. I dive in to photos and focus on my most recent shoots like a little boy playing with the new wagon and ignoring everything else in the toy box. That’s the reason I’ve never worked on so many of those photos, the little kid in my went for the shiny stuff and ignored everything else.

The way I keep track of what I’ve never worked on is fairly simple with Adobe Lightroom, I use a system of stars. Five stars and flagged means it’s currently on my website, five stars and no flag is for photos that are waiting to be posted, it’s “the pipeline.” Four stars and flagged means a photo was on my website in the current photos file but is now in the one of the archive folders (patriotic, Asia, boat, etc.) Three stars is reserved for photos I won’t sell because of the location they were taken, commercial sales are not allowed. Two stars are photos that I’ve keyworded and just need to be edited, they’ll get a 5 star once edited. One star means I’ve identified these for future editing. Might sound confusing but it works for me. On this post are just some of my photos that have sold during the Covid lockdown, so it’s been good time to revive some older pics, make a little cash, and most of all stay healthy in the process!


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