Two Months Left in Japan

Two Months Left in Japan

Trying to be better about blog posting has been something I’ve written a gazillion times before. We’ve got two months left in Japan and my photography goals are to get better at street shooting and to attempt to capture Yokosuka as I see it around me! Those two goals go hand in hand and it means lots of people pics, food, transportation, animals/pets, and just plain life. Those are the goals while trying to get out and shoot every remaining day before we leave. Yesterday, the plan was to shoot at Yokosuka’s JR Train Station and on the way to get some shots at Verny Park. While in Verny, I decided to shoot some Japanese naval ships in the harbor followed by the selfie that’s on this post. I sat down on a park bench, a minute or two later an elderly lady sat down next to me. Doing a few things on my phone, I noticed her taking out art supplies and she began sketching the US Navy ships across the harbor at the US Naval Base. Watching her, others also started setting up around us and began sketching various harbor scenes as well. I got the attention of the lady, pointed to my camera, indicated that I’d like to take her photo. She smiled as only Japanese people do and nodded ‘yes’ and I began shooting her. This was so cool and the other artists took notice and began to talk. I pointed to my camera, sort of gesturing for the their collective permission to shoot them. They all smiled nodding ‘yes’ as well. Well, this was making for an interesting morning!

This is what living overseas is all about, meeting locals, being part of the scene, and it was just beautiful. This was in line with the new goals, shots of life in Yokosuka with artists no less, and it was a fun experience. This got me out of my comfort zone to say the least. Finally, when done, I sat back down next to the lady, glancing at her progressing sketch, this nice little old lady obviously had skills. Who wouldn’t want a photo to remember this wonderful experience? I waited for her to take a break, politely and quietly got her attention again, indicating with my phone that I wanted to take a selfie with her and, again, she sweetly smiled like sweet grandmother nodding her approval. After the selfie below with her pointing to her sketch, watching her for a bit, I didn’t want to be rude and just walk away. A ‘thank you’ seemed like the proper thing to do at this point. Wanting to get the grandmotherly artist’s attention, I waited for an opening and did the light cough, a-hem, and she glanced up so I gave her my best thank you in Japanese (Arigato gozaimasu) followed by a traditional bow. I needed to get this right. At this point, she angrily waved her hand with an irritated “get the hell of my lawn” look and grumbled something gruff in tone. I had obviously annoyed this crap out of this lady…


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