New DC Area Collection!

New DC Area Collection!

Well… Washington and Arlington at least.

I have a few collections at my website that are getting a little big so I’ve divided them up a bit. Instead a ‘Patriotic, Military and History’ collection, there is now Patriotic and History, it works for me (me me). In the process it seemed like a good idea to get all the DC photos in to one collection as well, since these photos have generated interest it makes sense. I honestly hope to add to this collection once back in the US, hopefully set up a fare alert from El Paso to Washington, DC. While I only lived in northern Virginia for a year, I shot a ton of photos. There is SO much history up that way it made my head spin, when I headed out to shoot after my wife went to work and the kids went to school, I’d lump locations together so I could shoot more than one site in the time I had. Except for DC, DC requires time to shoot because there’s so much in one little area. On the next trip, I need to shoot at sunrise and sunset, something I failed to do last time and during winter if possible. All of my DC and Arlington National Cemetery photos now have a home in the Washington, DC Area collection, I hope you’ll take a minute to browse, maybe even purchase something if you find something that flips your trigger!

As always, I appreciate the support I receive for my little hobby, whether personally from family and friends online from photo friends on my Instagram or Facebook Pages, thank you all!

Two more pics for expositions!

I recently found out that two of my photos were selected to be shown digitally, this time they are both from special places for me.  I am a lover of history and while I’ve had a few jobs in life, two were great.  The first was as a US Navy Musician for 30 years and the second was as a US History adjunct professor after retiring from the Navy.  In the latter I learned what you’ll hear several people say, it’s not work if you love what you do.  I really miss that job, loved going to work, and loved discussing history.  Both of these photos are at historic locations.

The first photo was taken at Arlington National Cemetery (ANC) in Virginia.  I remember visiting here as a child on a family vacation in the early 1970’s, even then the history amazed me.  However,Snowfall later in life, after having a few friends buried here, it has taken on a different meaning.  Whenever I’d find myself shooting photos at ANC I’d pay my respects if I was in the area. While I loved shooting here, I never took photos of those grieving or burial services and if a procession was passing I put my camera away.  Besides, there’s plenty of other photo opportunities inside this hallowed place given all of historic people buried here.  This photo, Snowfall, of winter graves at Arlington National Cemetery was selected for a digital exposition in Berlin Germany at the BBA Circle at the Mostly White Exposition.  

The second photo today was taken at Colonial Williamsburg, also in Virginia.  This is another place we visited on that seventies family trip and it’s as amazing today as it wasAfter Darkthen.  Frankly, it’s amazing to walk with my wife and girls in the exact same places that I walked with my parents and brother on that trip.  I only hope my girls will visit some day with their children.  This photo of the Governor’s Palace was a night shot that my oldest daughter came along, it’s always more fun when my family is with me.  I don’t think they can say the same…  I’m a pain to be with when I’m shooting and it’s probably worse in a historic place.  About two year prior to when this photo was taken, I visited by myself, and before I knew it an entire day had passed.  Anyway, this night photo, called After Dark, is of the Governor’s Palace and was selected for a digital showing at the Valid World Hall Gallery in Barcelona, Spain in the Dramatic Lighting Exhibit on November 1, 2019.

Many thanks as always to all of you follow this blog and support this thing I do! sig